4000 NYC street artists adopt NEW MAKE PEACE SYMBOL

4000 New York City street artist adopt new make peace symbol for street & graffiti art all over city. Organized by Aim SSB of Brooklyn and for a September 2013 major exhibit of the artists artworks, and photographs of street art and installations, this exhibit is rapidly becoming one of the world's largest collaborative art projects of the 21st century.

The exhibit is titled: MAKE PEACE PROJECT: 100,000 NEW SYMBOL WALLS GLOBAL

Already groups for Miami, Chicago, Portland have formed and a major India street art group of over 5000 more street artists has joined in using the new proactive Make Peace symbol. Therefore is an open call to all the world's street artists to use the NEW make peace symbol, photograph their street public art and send those photos in for exhibition.


Along with this "peace" activist" are pushing for a renaming of one of Brooklyn's parks into Make Peace Park and the installation of a make peace sculpture by artist Paul-Felix Montez, creator of the make peace symbol and project.

Finally the Make Peace project has it's own official day each year. The first eevent in seven us towns and cities took place in March, and the second MAKE PEACE DAT EVENT will be March, 22, 2014

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more information at: https://www.facebook.com/makepeacedayno…

exhibit news: https://www.facebook.com/events/4306175…

JOIN the new Make peace project global: and make peace proactive.

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